Thursday, November 27, 2008

Naruto Manga Episode 426

Naruto Manga Episode 426 entitled "Naruto And Konoha" is a the continuation of the previous episode Naruto Manga Episode 425 entitled "Hatake Kakashi!". The invasion of Akatsuki continues particularly Pein (the leader of Akatsuki). The episode starts as one of Pein is asking 2 konoha ninja where Naruto is while holding them in the neck.As Konohamaru watches on the side along the alley behind the wall. As he move, Pein almost notice him but Ebisu sensei came and distracts Pein. Meanwhile the other is summon of Pein is attacking Shizune and the other. They Escaped as the father of Ino tries to buy them some time. On the otherside, back Naruto is still continues his training with Fukasaku on the fusion for the Sage technique, Fukasaku almost give up as Naruto's determination arises. Ebisu Sensei reminisce past about Naruto as how the villagers of Konoha see Naruto and the things he have done. And Finally Ebisu sensei says that Naruto is a citizen of Konoha and he has no intention of telling anything to Pein. Ebisu hoped that the Konohamaru already got away safely. It appears that the Adults of Konoha have entrusted Naruto the "Will of Fire"... But as Pein was ready to kill Ebisu Sensei. Konohamaru showed up and was ready to fight Pein.

Leaving the questions:
1. Will Naruto and Fukasaku be able to do the fusion?
2. Will Konohamaru stand a chance or just another sacrifice?

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